FRESHJUNKIE Racing is a brand committed to healthy living. We are a brand of dreamers and doers, of believers, achievers and go-getters; FRESHJUNKIE Racing is more than a company name, it’s our motto.

As a race production company we harness the essence of that motto. We focus on the small details of a race as well as the big picture to ensure that the athletes and spectators have a great experience that’s fun, memorable and worth coming back for year after year.  We want to inspire people to be the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves and we believer physical activity is an important component of that.

In addition to putting on races, we also offer coaching to endurance athletes. From your first 5K to crossing the finish line of your first Ironman and every goal in between we can help you get there and have fun while doing it.

We work hard, train hard, & race hard and never lose focus on our WHY – the reason we started doing this to begin with – because we love it.



I am a founder and owner of FRESHJUNKIE Racing.  I am lucky to have two kind-hearted boys and a wife that supports and loves me in more ways than I can count.  Working in race production was not something I ever thought I would do, but the fulfillment, friends and experiences I have shared over the last decade have brought a happiness to my life I wish all could experience.  My intense and passionate nature is sometimes misinterpreted on race days due to a thousand yard stare and curt tongue, but I am at my best in that environment and I am rarely happier than in those moments.  I take pride in our team and what we consistently accomplish.  I am fiercely loyal to those that allow me this privilege and can’t image being anywhere else or doing anything different.

Pat Fellows is a dad, husband, coach, athlete, endurance pro and restauranteur from Baton Rouge, La.  He’s spent the last 2 decades trying to make people better.  He owns FRESHJUNKIE restaurants and is a founder and owner of FRESHJUNKIE racing. He has an extremely patient wife Jeanne, two kids, Paige and Ian, and a wonderfully shy dog, Izzy.


Pat O is a husband, father of 4, Physical Therapist, and endurance athlete from Baton Rouge, LA. He received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from LSU in 2009 and has been practicing Physical Therapy in the Baton Rouge area since. He is an owner of FRESHJUNKIE Racing working primarily in course operations and video production. He is a DIY nerd and loves learning new skills making him kind of a “jack of all trades, master of none”.  Having 4 kids and 2 dogs, there is rarely a dull moment in life and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mike Wattigny brings 22 years of event production experience and over 30 years of being part of the endurance community to his role as an owner of FRESHJUNKIE Racing. Starting as a slow runner he found the burgeoning sport of triathlon more to his liking (being average at 3 sports as opposed to being really bad at one). This led to his love of endurance events & volunteering at local races. Fast forward to 1997 when he was asked to put on a series of mountain bike races in Baton Rouge that then catapulted him to the 1999 ITU Duathlon World Championship and the path was cast. Over the course of those 22 years of production, he has been a part of 2 US Olympic Trials for Triathlon, 3 ITU World Championships, and hundreds of other events spanning the country.

Nan urban

I am a wife, mother, volunteer, runner, eternal optimist and total sports junkie.  I share my love of all things sports with my three crazy active boys and husband.  When I’m not on the sidelines or in the backyard with the boys, I love to travel, laugh and spend time with friends.  I love what I do, and consider myself fortunate that my career is my hobby.

Diane has a running career that now spans a little over 30 years and actually includes a few sprint triathlons, a half dozen marathons, numerous half marathons and countless 10K and 5K races.  It’s all those years of experience being a participant that Diane brings to the race production industry.  It’s her passion and drive to help others experience the joy of running that she has enjoyed for all these years.  During the last 20 years, Diane has worked to enhance the running event race experience for all levels of participants, from walkers to runners to competitive athletes. Always with a goal to ensure that the athlete has the best possible experience.  Diane is a wife, mom, sister, super aunt and now, most proudly a grandmother or “DeeDee” as she is now known. She is also a mom to two labs and a cool cat.  Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is a daily goal in the Weiss household and while taking a little bit of break having recently completed a 9 year running streak, Diane stays busy taking care of her family, spending time with two fun grandkids, and tackling the daily challenges of being in the Healthcare Revenue Cycle field. 

Emily Kathryn Saucier

Emily Kathryn started out as an intern for FRESHJUNKIE Racing in college before spreading her wings to gain a variety of experience within the endurance events field for the past 6 years. After traveling all over North America working races, she settled back in her Baton Rouge hometown and rejoined the team. She is a mother, runner, triathlete, and a burst of color. She would never ask a volunteer to do anything she wouldn’t do herself and gets right in with them at the races.